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russian home cooking

These are some of the wonderful things Sonya and Raya have made us…
Peremech (meat doughnuts)
Russia - Astrakhan - Peremech (1024x728)
Pirog (meat pastry)
Russia - Astrakhan - Pirog (1280x859)
Borscht (beet soup)
Russia - Astrakhan - Borscht - 3 (1024x768)

Russia - Astrakhan - Borscht - 4 (1024x751)
Blinchiki (crepes) with sour cream. Notice how she uses half an onion as the utensil to butter the crepes.
Russia - Astrakhan - Blinchiki - 1 (1024x666)

Russia - Astrakhan - Blinchiki - 3 (1024x768)
Pilaf (rice with dried fruit). We have it with slow-cooked beef and beet salad.
Russia - Astrakhan - Pilaf - 1 (1024x750)

Russia - Astrakhan - Beef (1024x715)

Russia - Astrakhan - Beet Salad (1024x754)
Vodka and Pickles. We do shots with Alyam, then eat a pickle.
Russia - Astrakhan - Vodka - 1.1 (1024x476)
Tea with block sugar. They make a concentrated pot in the morning and dilute their cups with hot water throughout the day.
Russia - Astrakhan - Tea - 2 (1024x736)

Russia - Astrakhan - Block Sugar (1024x747)

coffee shop

We only go out for coffee in Astrakhan. Sharlau anchors the corner of this gorgeous peaches n’ cream-colored building with festoons above the windows and caryatids on the facade. The interior doesn’t quite hold up to the facade, but at least it’s divided into smoking and non-smoking sections.
Russia - Astrakhan - Sharlau - 1 (1024x764)
ул. Ленина, 9
+7 851 244-42-13


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