CHINA – Guangzhou


seafood market

Super Star Seafood Restaurant
Andrew and I take some people back here to show them the crocodile on the leash…
China - Guangzhou - Super Star Seafood - 3 (1024x768)
But it isn’t on a leash anymore. It’s on ice. And next to the other seafood with a sign advertising crocodile steaks. Poor croc.
China - Guangzhou - Super Star Seafood - 1 (1024x722)

China - Guangzhou - Super Star Seafood - 4 (1024x745)
2 Qiaoguang Rd
+86 20 8318 4901

vegetarian restaurant

We take Brianna out for her birthday and have cake and sing and try to embarrass her as much as possible.
China - Guangzhou - Briannas Cake - B2

dumpling restaurant

It’s in the plaza outside the church gate.
China - Guangzhou - Dumplings - 2.4 (1024x810)

dried fruit store

China - Guangzhou - Dried Fruit (1024x786)

tea shop

China - Guangzhou - Tea Shop (1024x743)


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