CHINA – Changsha


best lunch

The government officials take us out to this ridiculously nice lunch.

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milk tea

It’s a tiny walk up window on Wenyun St with one man working behind the counter. I realize we’re not in a touristy area of China now because unlike all the cities before, the menu board offers no English subtext or pictures. Just indiscernible Chinese characters. I take a shot in the dark and point to an item on the menu. I aim poorly. Very poorly. I’ve ordered a drink containing everything but the kitchen sink. The man fills the milk tea with peanuts, beans, seaweed jelly, and some items I don’t even recognize. I stare at it, not knowing even how to drink it. Do I grab the wide-mouthed straw like usual? Or should I pick up some chopsticks? Each sip is unique, that’s for sure.

bunny restaurant

We treat the students to dinner at this restaurant where a pet bunny hops freely underneath the tables.

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