SWITZERLAND – Interlaken



We decide to go traditional Swiss for dinner at Gaststube. There’s a group of older men playing cards in the center table and smoking cigarettes. When we enter, everyone in the small restaurant stops what they’re doing and stares at us in silence like we’re from space. We eat bratwurst and potato pancakes topped with a thick mushroom gravy.
Hauptstrasse 36
+41 33 828 12 81

space camp

For lunch, the Funny Farm hostel receptionist suggests Space Camp, a silver-clad trailer permanently parked out back. “They like our food!” we hear the cashier tell the cook as we eat at a table by the pool. Umm, sort of…
Hauptstrasse 36
+41 33 828 12 81

pizzeria mercato

There are quite a few restaurants in this area. It’s in the city center close to Höhematte Park. Their spaghetti and meatballs is alright, but not like mom’s.
Postgasse 1
+41 33 827 87 81

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