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seafood restaurant

The round, red tubs out front are full of freshly caught seafood, most of which is still swimming. We take a seat inside the restaurant and watch as the cook takes our order out of the tub and into the kitchen.
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A few minutes later we’re peeling the shells of prawns and tugging clams out of their shells with chopsticks.
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We eat these big oysters with thin noodles. There’s a jar of snake wine sitting on the bar, which we ask to try, but the server tells us we really don’t want to.
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Longtou Rd – There are lots of restaurants and shops on this winding road – Brianna buys an eggplant mobile from one of the craft stores after dinner.

Gulang Lvyuan Restaurant
Huangyou Rd

tea room

Silly Girl Coffee My Home Hotel

It’s really a hotel lobby. Also, fyi the “strawberry muffin” is actually a waffle with strawberry jam. 🙂 If you’re looking for a legit cafe, maybe check out Angelique coffee roasters or one of the milk tea shops on the island.
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1 Jishan Road
+86 592 206 6388


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