ITALY – Venice


piazza san marco

One of the greatest public spaces in the world.
Italy - Venice - San Marco - 5 (1024x621)
Basilica di San Marco
The interior is coated in shimmering golden mosaics that completely cover the top half of the basilica.
Italy - Venice - San Marco - 2 (1024x694)
Doge’s Palace
Right off of St Mark’s Square, this palace was the former home of the Doge (leader of old Venice) and is now a museum.
Italy - Venice - Doge’s Palace - 1 (1024x728)
Some famous haunts like Harry’s Bar and Florian are in and around St. Mark’s Square
Italy - Venice - San Marco - 6.5 (1024x672)
And lots of pigeons.

grand canal

The main canal that runs through Venice.
Italy - Venice - Grand Canal - 4 (1024x671)
Boats race down it during the Regata Storica on the first Sunday in September.
Italy - Venice - Grand Canal - 6 (1024x665)
You can hop on a gondola almost anywhere. There are lots near the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s.
Italy - Venice - Grand Canal - 7 (1024x685)

rialto bridge

Famous arched stone bridge with some shops on it. Tourist central.


Venice’s version of Mardi Gras. While the actual event takes place right before Lent, you can find Carnevale masks for sale year round.
Italy - Venice - Carnevale (1024x731)

museo di storia naturale

Natural History Museum.
Italy - Venice - Natural History Museum - 3 (1024x518)

san zan degola

Not so famous church in a quiet campo (small piazza – literally “field”).
Italy - Venice - San Zan Degola - 2 (1024x711)

san giacomo dell’orio

Another not so famous church, in a bigger square with some shops and a cool drinking fountain.
Italy - Venice - San Giacomo dell Orio - 1 (1024x687)

san stae

There’s a temporary installation out front this church of hand painted wooden eggs.
Italy - Venice - San Stae (1024x768)

chiesa di san giorgio maggiore

Famous church designed by Andrea Palladio in the 16th century. I learned about him in architecture class. Never thought I’d get to see his church in person. It’s on the little island of San Giorgio Maggiore, which you can see from the port in St Mark’s Square.
Italy - Venice - San Giorgio Maggiore - 4.1 (1024x713)

getting lost in venice

Italy - Venice - Sunset (1024x508)
Italy - Venice - Grand Canal - 1 (1024x590)
Some of Venice’s streets get pretty narrow.
Italy - Venice - 3 (1024x737)
Other times, streets are made entirely of water.
Italy - Venice - 1 (1024x768)
Italy - Venice - Gondola (1024x706)


A long, skinny island to the east of Venice proper.
Italy - Venice - Lido - 4
It’s like a little beach town. Lido means “seashore” in Italian.
Italy - Venice - Lido - Beach - 2 (1024x703)


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