ITALY – Catania & Reggio di Calabria


Catania-Messina, Sicily

Instead of fancy condos or resorts, Sicily put a train track on the coast, which might not make sense from a city planner’s perspective, but makes for one hell of a nice train ride. It’s the distance from Phoenix to Tucson, but instead of desert, it’d be like putting a rocky shore with pocket beaches on one side of the I-10 and huge Mt. Etna on the other. It’s perfect minus all the old Italian men hanging around in speedos.

While the landscape is gorgeous, some of the cities in Sicily are messy and worn out, seeing their prime thirty or forty years ago. It looks like, one day, people just got up and left. Houses half done, streets unkempt…

Reggio di Calabria, Calabria

I spend most my time in Reggio Calabria at the beach.
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Bars and resorts (some are more like 1-2 story motels) block off little areas with umbrellas and lounge chairs, which you have to pay or buy drinks to use. By the way, that’s Sicily in the distance.
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The promenade.
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