ITALY – Pisa


italian transportaion 5 – joey 0

I haven’t had the best of luck with Italian transportation. I’ve been delayed on a hot train for several hours, taken the wrong bus and ended up in a completely different city 2 hours later, got fined 5 euros on another train for putting my feet on the seat, and yelled out for not stamping my ticket on the bus. I hope the airlines will be better. I found a cheap fare, and I’m going to Sicily for the weekend. I’m supposed to arrive around 7:45pm in time for dinner, but my flight’s delayed in Pisa for 8 hours…
On the bright side, I get to visit the Leaning Tower.
I spend the final few hours in the closed airport. The lights are turned off except over our waiting area, and cleaning crews are working their way through the terminal. Our flight’s the last to take off, arriving in Catania, Sicily at 3:40am.


Check out the Leaning Tower


or take the delayed flight to Sicily