ITALY – Perugia


eurochocolate festival

Perugia, home of the largest chocolate festival in Europe, is a city obsessed with chocolate. There’s a chocolate hotel with chocolate-themed furniture and a restaurant where everything is made with chocolate.
The festival is a test of how much chocolate you can consume in one afternoon before overdosing. Tents line the streets offering samples of shaved chocolate kebab, chocolate churros, hot chocolate, chocolate liqueurs, chocolate spaghetti, and chocolate with just about every fruit, nut, or spice you can think of from chocolate with violet petals to chocolate with cannabis. A chocolate theme song plays on loop overhead, and in case you do have too much, there’s a tent where they test you for diabetes. Seriously.

Festival Info
• For 10 days in October (dates change year to year)
• Take the train to Perugia Fontivegge station. Then a bus to the festival (I walk up and take the bus back). The bus drops you off at Piazza Partigiani. The festival stretches several streets from the bus stop to Piazza IV Novembre
• The festival is free, but you have to buy the chocolate (most booths offer free samples though!)


Overdosed on chocolate? Take the train back to Colle