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Bologna is the home of tagliatelle (wide, hand cut noodles) and ragù alla Bolognese (Bolognese sauce). They keep a master recipe for tagliatelle in the Chamber of Commerce that states the ideal noodle should be about 1/4 in wide. They’re serious about tagliatelle. Also “bologna,” the deli meat, is called “mortadella” here and is usually bigger with chunks of fat that aren’t blended in. It hardly resembles Oscar Mayer’s version…
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good bar

Canton de’ Fiori
On one half is an espresso/liquor bar and on the other half is a cigarette/cigar counter. In the middle is display case full of pastries. I stop in on my way back from Piazza Maggiore.
Italy - Bologna - Canton de Fiori (1280x939)
Via dell’Indipendenza, 1
+39 051 267300

housemade pasta

You can watch them rolling pasta from the window outside. I try the tagliatelle al ragù. I like that the sauce is a little more tomato-y than the Tuscan type – Bologna is in the Emilia-Romagna region – but all bias aside, I think we make better tagliatelle at l’Officina.
Italy - Bologna - Bovida (1280x1007)
Via Marsala, 17
ah, this place is closed 🙁

organic pizza

Alce Nero Berberè
Since Bovida is closed now, you might check out this restaurant, which makes locally sourced, organic pizza.
Via Giuseppe Petroni, 9
+39 051 275 9196

gelato school

Carpigiani Gelato University
If you really like gelato, you can get a degree in it. At Carpigiani Gelato University, you can become an official gelatiere in just four weeks. But seriously, I know two different people that went here, and one owns a gelato shop now.
Via Emilia, 45
+39 051 650 5111


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