soul cafe live

We don’t eat here, just have drinks and dance at the milonga. It’s a more casual milonga than the ones in BA and a younger crowd. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite times dancing this trip because it is so laid back, and people are more willing to dance with us as foreigners.
Argentina - Mendoza - Soul Cafe - D
Av Pedro Molina 221
+54 261 423-3530

caro pepe

After wine tasting, we walk to Caro Pepe, which isn’t far from our hotel. We are the only one’s inside around 8:30pm. We think maybe the food is bad because literally no one is here, but then we realize they don’t open for dinner until 8pm, and we’re actually early…
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It’s an Argentine buffet inside a double-height building with yellow trim and lots of windows right on Gral Las Heras. There’s a circular grill you can get different sausages and cuts of meat from. And they have a salad bar, which we load up on because we haven’t seen many vegetables here. Nothing’s fantastic, but if you’re hungry and on a budget, then this is your place. Just don’t go too early. Argentine families with their little kids start rolling in around 10:00pm.
Argentina - Mendoza - Caro Pepe (1280x960)
Av Gral Las Heras 510
+54 261 425-4482

wine store

We buy most of our wine straight from the bodega, but this is a nice spot to check out local wines. It’s like a quick wine tour of Mendoza. I also have a crush on the girl that works here. I come two nights in a row even though I don’t need more wine.

Not sure this shops open anymore. So much for that romance…

We also check out a place called Winery, which is a wine and spirits store with several locations in Argentina.

Chile 898
+54 261 425-1716

el 23

The white-painted interior extends into a courtyard outlined by columns. We sit at a table facing a shelf of wine bottles. Dinner’s good and served with some potato wedges and a salad.

Oh no, el 23 is closed, too..

Instead, you might wanna check out Siete Cocinas, or “seven kitchens/cuisines,” which is like going on a culinary tour of the different regional cuisines in Argentina. Patagonian, Cuyo, Metropolitana (Buenos Aires)…

Av. Bartolomé Mitre 794
+54 261 423-8823


It’s a wine tour followed by a 5-course wine paired lunch. It lasts 3 hours, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Argentina - Mendoza - Melipal - 3 (1024x700)

Ruta 7 kilómetro 1056, 5509 Luján de Cuyo
+54 261 368-9780

resto del teatro cafe

Stop in here for some hot tea to wait out the rain. Quaint little place. Like an old house with separate rooms, a three-top bar, hunter green accents, and wood floors. Kitty-corner from Plaza Independencia and across from the theater.

Chile 1218
+54 261 423-4494

1884 restaurante

Francis Mallmann is one of Argentina’s best chefs. He loves slow cooking meats over an open fire. His Seven Fires cookbook is great, too.

Belgrano 1188
+56 261 424-3336


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